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For GPs, LPs and private shareholders seeking secondary liquidity.

Platform Features

Robust investor network

Community of accredited, family office and institutional investors actively seeking secondary deals

Curated, quality deal flow

High quality, vetted deal flow for investors that spans the spectrum of alternatives

Ongoing liquidity option

Frictionless liquidity available in NWM ecosystem

Verified counterparties

Counterparty diligence and verification so you can transact with confidence.

Have you incorporated alternatives into your portfolio to achieve optimal diversification and exposure to this powerful asset class?  For most non-institutional investors, the answer is No.

Benefits of investing in alternatives

Because alternatives tend to behave differently than typical equity and bond investments, including them
in a portfolio may help to reduce volatility, provide improved diversification, and enhance returns.

Reduced Volatility

Alternatives rely less on broad market trends and more on the strength of each specific investment; hence, adding alternatives can potentially reduce the overall risk of a portfolio.

Improved Diversification

With low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternatives can be a beneficial way to diversify your portfolio.

Enhanced Returns

Alternatives can improve the risk and return profile of a portfolio and enhance total return through access to a broader universe of investments and strategies.